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Sunday, November 12, 2006

London, here I come!

Sooooooooooo excited! The Pea, the Gatt and I are off to London for a week of... well, not sleeping at all if the Gatt snores as much as he says he does. We'll be there for the New Year - what fun! This all started because the Pea is in London right now, to watch (and hear) Paul Simon and to catch some shows. the Blonde and Stunning Friend (as the Blonde calls her) decided to hop on over there and meet her for the weekend.

Obviously, I can't just up and go abroad during term time so was a bit gutted that I couldn't join them. But then, a couple of weeks ago, I was on Gtalk with the Pea and she said, why don't we go over for New Year's? And true to my newfound 'seize the day and don't worry about the washing up' philosophy, I was, like, yay! The Gatt decided to join us, booked flight and accomodation and here we are!

My objectives - to shop of course hehehe! Also to watch Avenue Q which you'll be happy to note I am doing (with Sha who will be back in the UK by then) - very excited, can't wait! I fell in love with this musical as soon as I first heard the songs courtesy of the lovely Matt. I also want to watch Wicked, The Mousetrap and Spamalot. And I want at least one Starbucks coffee every day.

In other news, well, life has been pretty routine recently, especially since I am not involved in a production at the moment. I am dying to get back on stage. I definately will be doing a play in March/April and hopefully one in February/March as well. Adrian also recently sent me a script which blew my mind and I'm hoping he'll produce it asap because I think it would be just awesome.

In the absence of the Pea and the Blonde (humph!), I went out with Sha and some other theatre lovlies yesterday and had a brilliant night out drinking and discussing theatre. We all had some story to tell about embarassing moments on stage and it was a blast. Crawled home at about 3 am and woke up this morning at 9 am with a splitting headache which didn't bode well especially since I had a lot of writing and stuff to do. But it got better slowly and by about 5 pm I was ready thank goodness. But now I''m ready for bed... I'll just listen to Avenue Q one more time though!


  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger G said…

    Aaah I want to watch those shows... esp. Avenue Q and Spamalot!! :) SOunds like a great idea... New Year's in London. I'd tell you to enjoy it but that would just be so redundant ;) xxxxx

  • At 10:21 PM, Blogger princess reesabuttercup said…

    And you have fun in Germany! Soon, eh?!

  • At 11:27 PM, Blogger wwwitchie said…

    People keep telling me to make sure we plan NYE well because otherwise we'll get stranded and other such horrors :-) I think we need to sit down with a cup of coffee and talk ;)

  • At 12:29 AM, Anonymous mal said…

    Glad to see you're on the road to feeling better again sweetie. Thanks for driving my lady home last Thursday.

  • At 6:58 PM, Blogger G said…

    Yesh, very soon :) 4 weeks

  • At 10:16 PM, Blogger princess reesabuttercup said…

    hey mal, it was a pleasure xxx


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