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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Went to the most AMAZING 21st birthday party last Friday... yes, am at the age when my younger friends - the ones who I met when they were 12 and are now all 'growed up' - are turning 21 (I have another party today which I'm going to have to miss), while those around my age are getting married. Ah well, c'est la vie!

Anyway, got back from work on Friday; got ready; did French manicure; hated French manicure; took off French manicure; re-did nails; found sandals I wanted to wear; realised there was no way to wear them as they are satin and would get ruined in the pouring rain (it had been raining for nearly 2 days straight); rummaged around till I found another pair I liked.

Finally, I put on the dress I intended to wear to the party. This was 9 pm. HATED dress I had intended to wear, which was weird because I had worn it last October and looked stunning apparently. Resolved to go on a diet immediately. Tried on a top and skirt. Hated them too. Tried on practically the entire contents of my wardrobe. Hated them all. Finally, found a pink corset from Oasis and a long, satiny black skirt from Mango. Problem was that I had never actually worn the skirt and had subsequently failed to realise that although the label said size 10, it was actually designed for a 7-foot, size 14 person. Whereupon, I burst out crying and called the Pea to say I'd be running late, rolled up the skirt round my waist, put some make up on and hoped for the best! Ran to the car in the rain and picked up Pea at 10-ish (ie) only nearly an hour late!

Anyway, the party was fab. Soooooooooo much fun, especially meeting some people I hadn't seen for ages. But too, too much alcohol. Or rather, too much alcohol imbibed by me. And I am still suffering for it. Man, I can't take my alcohol any more! But I must admit that it made the evening interesting. More of the same please!


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