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Sunday, February 25, 2007

On to the next one...

Boy am I exhausted. And sick. Had a party yesterday (go G!) and stayed out late and woke up with a cold. Of course. It didn't stop me from downing some paracetamol and going to lunch with the Pea and the Blonde (for 4 hours!) though. Sha you shoud've been there... get your ass back here! Much merriment, food and gossip was had by all.

The reasons for the exhaustion and, hence, sickness, are twofold. First the Stagecoach Drama Camp held last weekend which was sooooooo much fun. But soo tiring. And secondly, after 'Audacity', I've gome straight into rehearsals for the next production, this time onstage for Yasmina Reza's 'Life x 3' to be held by the MADC at the Manoel Theatre on the 30 - 31 March and 1 April.

Rehearsals are challenging as the director wanted us to be off script from rehearsal one (yeah, right! Although I must say that the other 3 actors involved are relatively script free, while I know about half of scene 1 which is erm... very good for me!) and also the play is very wordy and there are a lot of hidden emotions that we have to explore. Basically, it is very tough on the actors and we have to make it interesting for the audience.But I'm really enjoying the experience especially since I get to play a right bitch at times hehe!

Off to bed...


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