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Saturday, June 24, 2006

A Rock 'n Rolling Shakespeare!

One of Shakespeare best-loved comedies is about to undergo a radical change into a rock ‘n roll musical! The ‘The Merry Wives of Windsor’ is to be put up by the MADC at San Anton Gardens, as its annual Shakespearean offering. However, this is no simple adaptation of the play, as director Chris Gatt who has decided to transform this comedy into a 1960's musical romp set in a seaside resort!

The plot centres round the poor-as-dirt knight Falstaff who decides to seduce two wealthy women, Mistress Ford and Mistress Page, with the intention of cheating them out of their husbands’ money. However, the two women are not interested in the aging, overweight Falstaff as a suitor and decided to stage an elaborate series of events to get their revenge.

Taking part in this hilarious comedy are Mikhail Basmadjian as Falstaff, Charlotte Grech as Mistress Ford, yours truly as Mistress Page, Pia Zammit as Mistress Quickly, Alan Paris as Ford and Stefan Cachia Zammit as Page, as well as a number of other top local actors such as Marylu Coppini, Colin Willis, Faye Paris, Michael Zammit Maempel, Edward Caruana Galizia, Wesley Ellul, Jean-Marc Agius Cafa, Edward Degaetano and Katherine Brown.

Tickets at Lm 6 and Lm 7 will be on sale exclusively from Agenda Bookshop outlets which are also offering a 20% discount on the 'Merry Wives' paperback script. More information may be obtained via email:


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