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Sunday, February 05, 2006

I do, I do, I do...

I had promised myself that I would not blog about the Maltasong festival held yesterday... but I can't help myself! Years ago (2 years running I think), I had written a detailed account of the festival on Maltamedia and I remember that both times, what was in my head had to be vastly edited before I put it down on paper... or I risked being ostracised by the whole music community here hehehe (at the time, I was more 'involved' having done backing vocals at the festival twice - once for Leontine and another time for Georgina, where we came third - fun!)

Anyway, I am not saying that the festival has no redeeming features - for me, highlights have included Ira, any song sung by Chiara (but as far as I'm concerned, she could sing 'Baa Baa Black Sheep', and I'd still live it) and one memorable opening performance by a bunch of really talented kid dancers (I think they were like mini-YADA or something). Low points have included the awful stilted presenters and their truly ugly costumes, song songs which shouldn't even be graced with the word 'song' and some hideous clothing worn by the singers themselves. But more of that later.

Here are some points I made in my head re: last night's show:


1. I really surprised myself by not hating the presenters. The script was no Oscar winner for best screenplay or anything by at least it made sense and did not try to rely on gimmicks, even though it was a tad patronising at times. The presenters themselves, Eileen and Josef, were courteous and polite, especially when Eileen explained why two songs had to be repeated due to 'technical difficulties'.

2. A couple of songs/singers, I really liked - Ali & Lis and Fabrizo mainly. Oh, and Manuel surprised me by being more likeable (to me) than usual and I liked his song too. The hubby also liked Kevin Borg, whom I though had a great voice and good song too. I think Pamela has an amazing voice and her song sounded like a Disney one, a la 'The Lion King', but I didn't think that it was a suitable Eurovision song. Same with Trilogy's song. Nadine Axisa's 'Waves' was also lovely, but again, more suited to easy listening in a wine bar I thought!

3. Having Lou Bondi on the show was funny... although he did try to be too funny during his intro, I thought. Perhaps he should have stuck to playing the guitar. Ray was funny too I guess, but his sketch was way too hamallu for my tastes and for, I think, such an occasion. I'm sure most people at home lapped it up though...

4. The Beatles tribute, was well-sung, if a bit long. And of course, Chiara's singing was great, as usual.

5. The professionalism of Ali & Lis when they were onstage and Alison had no sound... they just went on with a smile. I know they broke down backstage and... who wouldn't? But on stage, they and their dancers were very professional - as it should be.

Erm, that's it for the positive.

And now for the...


1. Some 'songs' should NEVER have got through. You probably know which ones they are. 'Nuff said.

2. The clothes most of the singers wore were apalling. Now. I'm no fashion expert but even I know that you should wear stuff that maximises your assets and minimises your flaws. For example, unless, you are a beautiful, tall, rail-stick model (or Nadine Axisa), you shouldn't wear tight shiny fabrics, too-light colours or garish ones, tight halter necks, empire style waist dresses, cheap fabrics that stick to your skin etc etc, unless you actually want to look bad! And some of the hair styles... maaaaaaa! Look, nobody we saw up there is exactly an ugly person in 'real life'- far from it. but some people looked as if they had deliberately made themselves looked as ugly as they could. Or maybe it's just me. As for the men, maybe it is time that someone - anyone - tells them that a shiny white suit is not the epitome of high fashion.

3. Like Maltagirl, if I hear another 'd' instead of 'the', I am going to scream and/or offer my services to help them learn how to speak/sing English properly! For a fee of course hehehe!

4. The 'technical problems' - for goodness sake, I know that problems invariably rear there ugly heads during live transmissions... but, do they realise how unprofessional it makes them seem?!

5. Those horrible intros to each song/singer. Basically, PBS just got some old footage and edited bits together - the people shown milling about the market, and Valletta etc were in short sleeves for goodness' sake - and the clips were really boring. It is obvious that they just used some archival footage. Is it possible that they could not afford to shoot some new material?! Arg!

I'm sure there were other things in my head but I've forgotten them (please bear in mind that I haven't had my morning coffee yet), so off I go!

UPDATE: Just thought of some more comments (it's amazing what a coffee or two can do!) so they are up there in italics.


  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger Athena said…

    Re clothes, I felt like grabbing some of the idiots and giving them a good scrubbing. Maaaaa I felt like boiling my eyes. And the lads were often much worse than the women.

    To me, the best bit was Chiara's answer to all those people who've been so nasty to her. I've always had a lot of respect for Chiara and it's just shot up even more.

  • At 3:12 PM, Blogger Coemgen said…

    2.Agree re-Ali and Lis. They managed so well despite the faulty mike. I liked Manuel and Nadine too. Trilogy were the only ones to have some maltese in the lyrics. On the other hand, we understood very little of the lyrics.

    3.Lou and Ray - I think I commented enough on my blog.

    4.Beatles tribute - Hmm, I think the tribute was a very good way how to advertise the Beatles Tribute or whatever show which is going to be held soon.

  • At 3:32 PM, Blogger princess reesabuttercup said…

    Ahahahaha, good point Coemgen! Have just been watching PBS and realised (duh!) that they guy takling care of the overall direction of the show is none other than... the same guy who is bringing the beatles tribute show over to Malta this month, so well spotted!

    Athena - viva Chiara! Apart from the dress and hair, she looked great... and 'Angel' still sends a shiver up and down my spine.

  • At 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    sans the original angel

  • At 1:44 AM, Blogger Athena said…

    Reesa, not all the clips were that old. They showed shots of the refurbished Roman domus, which was re-opened for the public in Feb 2005 :)

    I was more bored to tears by that awful documentary on some church or other. Not sure which one, 'cos Beloved and I were playing trivial pursuit in the meantime:)

  • At 9:46 AM, Blogger rwrrewr said…

    re: 'd' instead of 'THE': It is not easy to pronounce it well. I myself once tried to get the accent but I could not just get it. I'm still fluent in English but I can't spit 'the'! So in other words, I understand the singers. I like to compare the Maltese bilingual situation to the Italian dialects. No matter how much you study and train yourself, it will always show unless you are a good actor like I know you are!

  • At 10:39 AM, Blogger princess reesabuttercup said…

    Hi T.J., thanks for the comment! You've made a valid point - it IS difficult to get the accent/nuances just right when it is not your first language. But it is possible to learn, with the help of a good coach.

    My point is that if singers want to sing publicly in English, it pays them to do it properly - especially if one of them is going to represent Malta overseas!

  • At 11:04 AM, Blogger rwrrewr said…

    I agree!


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