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Monday, January 02, 2006


Here's hoping your 2006 is a great year!!!

I woke up on the 31st December 2005 and found 4 white hairs on my head. Tragedy. I'm just hoping that they miraculously disappear or that it was just a bad dream. Maybe, just like old Father Time, they disappeared at the stroke of midnight on Saturday to be replaced by lovely brown locks. I haven't checked yet.


On the plus side, had a really fun party to see the year out (complete with sparklers which, for once, did not nearly set fire to my hair) at a friend's house. Brilliant company - including the lovely Pea - food, drink... and I even danced a little! A fantastic start to what I hope will be a fantastic year!

Now, off I go to buy some hair colour...


  • At 9:08 PM, Blogger MaltaGirl said…

    Or, you could bleach your hair white and say it is an expression of your individuality? You never know, you might start a trend *grin* and Higene is cheaper than hair dye ;-)

  • At 6:41 PM, Blogger Toni Sant said…

    White hairs on your head? Wow!!

    I got my first last year but it (maybe they) disappeared in the shower one day soon after. That's one of the advantages of balding, I guess...but I don't recommend it for you. ;-)

    Happy new year!

  • At 6:53 PM, Blogger princess reesabuttercup said…

    Hehehe, the day I start balding, you'll ALL hear me scream. And I've only got for white hairs, Maltagirl... when I;m in double digits, maybe I'll think of starting a new trend! Till then, viva hair dye!

  • At 11:13 AM, Blogger Coemgen said…

    I got loads of whites and don't really care much about them!.........and by the way, white hairs are safe when it comes to balding. Now I'll have to explain why.
    White hair is less prone to the effects of the hormone testosterone and is very less likely to fall.

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger princess reesabuttercup said…

    Yay... i may be going white, but at least I'm not going bald - finally some good news hehehe! Thanks Coemgen!

  • At 4:32 PM, Blogger Coemgen said…

    you're welcome:))


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