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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It's Over...

So... 'With Friends Like These' is over. After all the hassle and stress of co-producing, script-writing and performing, I feel thoroughly drained! But also a bit lost. Even though I complained a bit (yep, my name is Coryse and I'm a complainer!), I must admit that secretly I loved almost every minute. I loved writing the script with a passion - it was so cool hearing the audience laugh at MY writing! I loved producing and organising (and bossing people around of course hehe!). I loved, loved, loved performing with Matthew, Jean, Rachel and Elaine, especially in the Avenue Q songs. I loved singing my solo.

I was so proud of all of us for putting up this show against the odds. What with the permits and the panic and the arguments etc, we still managed to pull off a great show. Kudos also goes to the fabulous backstage crew - Petals, Chris, Benji, Daniel (for a while anyway!) and Stiv. And Wes and Bekki. And Gillian, Ben and Emma. And all those who helped in any way. And, of course, Edward, Faye and Alan who had such brilliant cameos.

And mainly to Rejxi, Matt and Jean who I think thoroughly deserved the standing ovation on Sunday. I'm going to miss you guys... make us proud!


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