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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

To cough or not to cough...

... aaaaaaaaaaaaand she's back! After a week and a half of absolute HORROR (ie) the worst 'flu I've had for over four years, I finally feel human enough to blog again. I swear, I was so utterly sick this time that I had moments when I thought my body just couldn't take it any more and would explode into a million tiny pieces. On the day I got sick (two Sundays ago), I woke up and just couldn't move. And my brain wouldn't work. It was awful. Apparently it was the fever that made me feel like that. I was delirious. At one point I apparently told the hubbie that I was dying. Maybe not, but I felt like I was!

He was so sweet, he brought me panadols and cough medicine all day but at about 6 'o clock, I was still just as bad so he called the doctor who diagnosed ze fluuuuuu (not avian) and more panadols and cough medicine ,as well as something to soothe my aching joints. Anyway, as the days went on, the cold started to get a bit better, although I must have gone through miles of tissues, plus kitchen paper towels when I ran out of Kleenex, and then loo paper - you name it, I blew my nose in it hehehe!

And, speaking about my nose - yuk and triple yuk! It was a bit like Joseph's amazing technicolour dreamcoat - red and green and yellow... and crusty! Hehehe that might be a bit too much information for some of you eh?!!

On Friday (St Patrick's Day), I finally ventured to school. One of my students told me 'Miss, don't you know it's St Patrick's Day? You should be wearing something green!" As I turned my horrible blotched face, with its horrible red, flaky nose to face him, I solemnly told him "Yes, my snot is green" to a chorus of laughs and lots of "Yaqqqq, miss!"

Anyway, a few days ago, that dreaded cough arrived. You know which cough - the one where you sound like a barking dog. I got the most awful coughing fits, and I now really know the meaning of the word 'uncontrollable'. I just couldn't stop. Tears streaming out of my eyes, body doubled up in pain, chest screaming with the exertion... the worst bout happen last Saturday (when I was meant to be at a hen's party, thank goodness I decided it would be foolish for my health to go). I tried to get some sleep at about 10.30 pm... I coughed my guts out till 3 am and only got some shut-eye at about 3.30 am. Then at 9 am, I was up coughing again - HORRIBLE!

Since yesterday though, it's been a bit better, and I know can go about 5 hours without coughing - yay! Anyway, now spring has officially started (YAYAYAYAY!), hopefully I should be alright!


  • At 11:03 PM, Blogger MaltaGirl said…

    Urgh you poor thing! I don't blame you for thinking you were dying.

    I hope that you get a decent night's sleep tonight, miskina. I haven't slept the last two nights myself but caffeine does the trick, heh.

    I would complain about your over-sharing regarding snot, but I can't really. I was considering posting a photo of mine (it's neon yellow and neon green, quite striking really, and in prodigous quantities too) but then I thought, wouldn't want to offend the delicate sensibilities of my readers... *grin*

  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger mistoqsija said…

    "Spring started.. hopefully I shall be allright".. that's unless you suffer from hayfever. :) :)


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